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January 15th, 2012 – CourtsOnline.com Web Solution Launched!


CourtsOnline has moved to the Web! Our whole team at Intrievex is super excited to announce the launch of our brand new corporate website www.intrievex.com and our brand new CourtsOnline application on the Web! No more fat client is needed – no more downloading software – no more networking issues. Come check out the newly designed and launched CourtsOnline.com on the web at www.courtsonline.com. Our new website truly is a better way to find information.


The initial feedback we are getting is that our solution is going to be very disruptive to the industries we support. There is finally a web solution that is easy to use, easy on the eyes, just as fast a desktop solution and its more cost effective. CourtsOnline is a Web 2.0 solution that gives you a better search experience, richer views, fresher data, faster results, advanced features, tier 1 reliability and free premium support. And with all of those modern advantages, it’s the most inexpensive solution in the industry. Not only did we move our popular software solution to a web platform, we also improved it and added new features. CourtsOnline.com now allows you to also:

  • Pay monthly with a credit card
  • Review your usage real time with online reports
  • Review your previous invoices
  • Receive your invoices automatically in email
  • Watches, keep an eye on a specific case hourly, daily, weekly or monthly – you decide!
  • Oh, and check out our Support site – its Premium and its FREE!


We built the entire site for you. We just thought finding information, needed to be easier.


Intrievex will continue to support all old version of CourtsOnline, all the way through our latest release v9.0. Support for 9.0 can still be found on our website at www.intrievex.com/courtsonlineV9.0.htm. All of the contracts and obligations of CourtsOnline will continue and we will continue to offer the same types of high value services you have come to appreciate from us for the downloaded software. But we do think you might like the new version of CourtsOnline.com – maybe try it out and see if you don’t agree with us, it’s just a better way to find information.




Now finding information is easy. Intrievex is an information retrieval technology and services company. We make the science of document and information retrieval simple, reliable and more valuable to you and your business. We provide information retrieval tools and services like our intelligently disruptive CourtsOnline, to industries including legal, title, real estate and medical. Our proprietary and unique technology is easy to use, secure and the most cost effective. We make finding information simple through a better search experience, advanced features and a welcoming and modern user experience. We’re Intrievex – A better way to find information.


Please contact Rick Myers at 206-412-6256 or rick.myers@intrievex.com, if you have additional questions.





March 1st, 2011 - CourtsOnline, renamed Intrievex, Inc.


As of March 1st, CourtsOnline has been renamed to Intrievex, Inc. and can be found on the web at www.intrievex.com. In addition to the leadership of Gary Vowels, Intrievex has added Rick Myers as the new President and Curt Whitton as Vice President.


This change in name and brand is an evolutionary shift in the company's ten year history in Information Retrieval is now positioned to strengthen its presence in the Title and Legal industries. Our flagship product CourtsOnline will continue to be the leader in its market and our dedicated team of people remains to provide our customers our exemplary service. The changes you will see will be in the growth of the team, the growth of our services offered, and the growth of the geographies of where we do business.


We are among the premier information retrieval service and technology providers to the title and legal industries in North America. Headquartered out of Seattle, WA, Intrievex is in the heart of one of the leading technology and engineering regions in our country. We currently service the Legal and Title markets and we are expanding into the Medical and I/T industries soon.


Intrievex will honor all of the contracts and obligations of CourtsOnline, and we will continue to offer the same types of high value services you have come to appreciate from us. In addition, the professionals who served you as CourtsOnline leaders and employees will continue to serve you as Intrievex members, and we are excited that this evolution will provide access to additional services, national capabilities and access to a world class organization of professionals.

Please contact Rick Myers at 206-412-6256 or rick.myers@intrievex.com, if you have additional questions.