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CourtsOnline is a Web 2.0 solution that gives you a better search experience, richer views, fresher data, faster results, advanced features, tier 1 reliability and free premium support. And with all of those modern advantages, it's the most inexpensive solution in the industry.


Our flagship application, CourtsOnline.com, uses its proprietary technology to provide online access, searching, and retrieval of court case records. With a powerful back end and beautiful front end, we provide online searching for all cases associated with a specific business or person in one or more courts.


In addition, we provide searching for a particular case number in a selected court. For online access clients, Intrievex distributes a user interface application via its website. This application makes searching for a court case a very easy and efficient process in what would otherwise be a slow, difficult, and tedious experience when done in person at the courthouse. Furthermore, access is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week; making court records research possible when needed, rather than just during the court's open hours. Come check it out by signing up here or logging on here.





We think you'll agree, it truly is a better way to find information.